Funding Criteria

Home Funding Criteria

Some gaming associations put all their proceeds into an endowment fund and their grants are made from the interest earned on the endowment. BHCGA operates differently; we put our revenue to use in the year we receive them. The only exception is the money we put in reserve for our own expenses and future planned obligations.

Requests We Will Consider

The Board of Directors is dedicated to making the Cedar Valley a better place to live. Because of that, they favor applications that will be used for the betterment of the general public. Ask yourself this about your proposal: Does it enhance public facilities? Does it create new opportunities where none existed before? Are there capital items that will be created, replaced or upgraded? Then chances are, it’s one we will carefully consider.. Projects should demonstrate the ability to leverage funding and support from additional sources.  Special preference is given to applications that maximize community resources through cooperation and collaboration with other organization in the community and the elimination of redundant services, programs or projects.

Grant applications should demonstrate the sustainability of the proposed project without additional long-term financial commitments from Black Hawk County Gaming Association. 

Here are a few examples of other projects we will consider:

  • Capital improvements
  • Challenge grants
  • Charitable programs
  • Operating requests (but not in consecutive years)
  • Projects that provide tax relief for cities and counties
  • Public works projects
  • Initiatives that are new to the Cedar Valley and represent a major transformation

Further details about the programs, projects and activities that we will consider can be found here.





Requests we will NOT consider

Unfortunately, we cannot fund every application we receive. We will not accept or consider applications which request more than 50% of the funds from Black Hawk County Gaming Association. We will not accept or consider applications requesting funding for:

  • Any program located outside the seven-county service area:
    • Black Hawk County
    • Bremer County
    • Buchanan County
    • Butler County
    • Chickasaw County
    • Grundy County
    • Tama County
  • Annual campaigns
  • Capital campaigns for private organizations
  • Conferences or seminars
  • Computers, cell phones, printers, or tablets for individual or classroom use and related hardware and software
  • Contests or competitions to benefit individuals
  • Endowment funds
  • Existing bills, debts or obligations of other organizations
  • Festivals
  • Financial support for individuals or their families
  • For-profit organizations or programs
  • Foundation operating endowments
  • Fundraising events or activities
  • Healthcare for individuals or their families
  • Hospitals, group homes, assisted living projects, nursing homes, independent care and extended care facilities
  • Memberships in civic or social organizations
  • Memorials
  • Organizations that would re-distribute the funds received to other groups and or individuals
  • Political or issue advocacy or advertising
  • Political or issue campaigns or campaigning
  • Political or issue lobbying or election
  • Private events or activities
  • Publications
  • Research
  • Subscriptions
  • Support for religious worship, education or proselytizing
  • Tickets
  • Trips

No distribution to any organization that has an employee, officer or director who is a member of the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission.