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The Review Process

    The Black Hawk County Gaming Association accepts, reviews, and acts on requests to fund programs, projects, and activities that benefit the Cedar Valley. The Board of Directors prefers applications that show matching funds have already been raised or are available. 

    Read, Write and Submit! 

    Step 1: Read and understand the Funding Guidelines. This is required, and you must do it before you fill out the application.

    Step 2: Write a Letter of Intent for funding to the Black Hawk County Gaming Association. The board will use this letter to determine if you meet their funding guidelines. If you do, we will send you an email detailing how you submit your full application. Tip before completing your letter of intent: We recommend calling our office to discuss your program or project's alignment with BHCGA's eligibility requirements.

    Upcoming Grant Cycles

    FY24 Grant Cycles 
    CycleLetter of Intent OpenLetter of Intent CloseApplication DueAward Date
    Spring 2023CLOSEDCLOSEDCLOSED4/30/23
    Summer 20235/1/235/22/236/20/238/30/23
    Fall 20239/1/239/20/2310/18/2312/31/23
    Spring 20241/1/241/22/242/21/244/30/24


    Applications must be in our hands by the close of business (5:00 p.m.) on deadline dates to be considered for review. You must submit your Letter of Intent before you submit the application. All Letters of Intent are reviewed to make sure all eligibility guidelines are met.  You will be notified if you are eligible to submit the full grant application.

    Step 3: Submit the application. If you meet our guidelines and eligibility criteria, we will send you an email with full instructions on how to apply. The application must be submitted online by the close of business (5:00 p.m.) on the deadline date for that quarter in order to be considered.

    These guidelines apply to all grants:

    Applications must be:

    • Submitted via the online grants management system
    • Complete and on time to be considered
    • Clear and to the point
    • Specific to the project
    • Provide a detailed budget showing income and expenses for the project 
    • Demonstrate their tax status 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(19) to qualify for funding

    Applications should not:

    • Be long or complex
    • Include more than one project
    • Include extensive artwork, audio or video presentations, or petitions of support

    Applying organizations must:

    • Be public agencies, educational organizations, or not-for-profits 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(19)
    • Demonstrate ability to complete and operate their proposals
    • Offer annual written proof of performance, if awarded the grant
    • Be willing to present in person if the Board invites them

    Projects must:

    • Be started and completed on time and completed as presented. Failure to do so may be cause for the Board to suspend future payments and demand repayment
    • Benefit the public rather than private individuals or organizations
    • Stand on their own merit