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Want to know who’s been awarded funding through Black Hawk County Gaming Association? Review our list of recent grant recipients below to find out. 

  • City of Cedar Falls

    Posted on May 20th, 2021

    Cedar River Recreation Project - $1,500,000

    Funding will contribute to this large, multi-faceted project and includes constructing a terrace and stabilizing riverbanks, removing rebar and other debris collecting along the banks, develop an in-river recreation park and plaza to accommodate people of various skills and familiarity with whitewater. Cedar Falls will also add a series of jetties to create both waves and calm water holes to support aquatic life and provide fishing areas, kayak play areas, stand-up paddling, and other boating activities. Beyond river improvements, this project also includes improvements to Gateway Park with the creation of two landscaped plazas, terraced seating, a trail connection to the river, and educational opportunities through interpretive elements showing the connections to other communities along the Cedar.